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    In 2007 armed with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and over a decade of experience in high tech communities I blazed the, then, bleeding edge of the new media trail with my groundbreaking original web series, HorseGirlTV® (horsegirltv.com). After a few years into new media, I created and produced a core strength ballet barre workout geared for equestrians (equibarre.com). Of course, I'm ever working and re-working my equestrian-inspired novel. I've studied dressage extensively on both coasts, in Germany, Holland, and Spain, earned my U.S. Dressage Federation Gold Medal, and trained my last horse from an unbroken 4 year old through Grand Prix. Now?.. I still produce, write and ride or I occasionally attempt to ride - a surfboard that is.


    Do you have an idea for a workout, interview or just want to send me a comment? Feel free to message me via my Facebook Page or at me on Twitter or Instagram OR let me contact you. Just type your email and click subscribe below...