5 Minute Warm-Up equibarre fitness volume 1 workout 1


This download is a warm-up from equibarre fitness volume 1, workout 1 and runs just under 5 minutes. It's a great way to start your morning, a pre-ride prep, early afternoon mood lifter, and does no require any special equipment! You can buy the full workout in digital download or DVD copies too! Made in USA.

As seen in the Dutch national print publication, Bit Magazine and on Eurodressage

Angelea Kelly's equibarre workout is a ballet barre style workout focusing on enlongating muscles like that of a dancer while strengthing the core muscles so crucial to a riders good seat. The end goal of the equibarre workout is a longer, toned body with a stronger core yet without adding any bulk. This does not require any special gym equipment. It’s easy to follow and can be adjusted to all levels of athletic abilities. Riders of all disciplines can benefit from the equibarre workout!


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