As the founder and host of HorseGirlTV® in 2007, Angelea Kelly has spent the last 8 years trial testing and researching equestrian lifestyle and horse products. In the last 5 years, she’s successfully trained her 2005 Sir Donnerhall gelding, which she imported as an unbroken 4 year old through to schooling all the Grand Prix movements. That took time, dedication, and lots of product trial tests including equipment choices. Do you have a question about a product or service? Watch any of Angelea’s original web series episodes online. Still don’t find your answer? Feel free to ask Angelea! Are you looking for a specific equestrian lifestyle product or product for your horse and don’t see it here on the webshop? Please let us know by suggesting a product!

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How to Properly Fit Riding Boots

How to Tie a Stock Tie

How to Polo Wrap a Top Competition Horse

How to Get Trim for Bikini and Competition Season

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Grand Prix for the Rest of Us
We’ve all watch countless professionals ride Grand Prix tests seamlessly guiding their equine partners through intricate maneuvers culminating in a perfectly square halt, salute of immobility. But what about we Adult Amateurs with piaffe, passage and tempi changes on the brain? I’m here to tell you, upper level competition isn’t just for hard to pronounce celebrity names. → Continue Reading

Ears to Hooves Hansel is Protected
I wouldn’t say Hansel is a full-on prima donna but he is a well cared for equine. I spend more time analyzing his feeding program than my own and he has an assortment of products and services that cater to making his life comfy for the well-tuned athlete that he is. I turned him out the other day and had to snap the picture as he looked like a NASCAR driver with all the branding that was all over him. → Continue Reading

What’s your training schedule like?
Mari recently emailed in and asked me “How many times do you ride a day? What’s your training schedule like?” I receive this question frequently from fans. There’s a TON of factors that go into this question so I’m going to break it down a bit more than simply # of horses and basic training schedule. Maximize your time to get the best training you → Continue Reading

The Importance Of Note-taking With Training
In thinking about what topic I would use as my take away on my journal today and my mind began to drift. I started reviewing older posts dating back to 2006, which made me notice patterns in my training cycles. Furthermore that made me realize the importance of note-taking after training. Whether you’re a beginner or an international pro, I think one should write down thoughts, ideas or issues faced in the daily rides because we’ll likely face same issues in different circumstances throughout the years. For example, almost all of us are “handed” meaning we’re stronger on one side of the body than the other just like our horse athlete partners. Writing down what you felt or how your body shifted will reinforce, for many through → Continue Reading[/twocol_one_last]

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