Can I return or exchange a saddle?

In one word, yes. You can return saddles to ShopWithAng. We ask that you carefully follow our specific instructions regarding saddle care and return.

We want your new saddle to work well for both you and your horse by allowing you to check saddle fit on a saddle you have purchased. Please be aware we ask you not ride in the saddle.

You will be able to girth the saddle up and sit in it to check to see that it fits and is comfortable for both you and your horse. You will not, however, be able to ride around in it. You will need to care for the saddle extremely carefully, and follow our specific use instructions. If you do not, you will not be able to return the saddle and get a refund or exchange.

Receiving your saddle:

Please open the box carefully and retain all packaging and paperwork.

When checking for fit, place a clean saddle pad under the saddle and girth it up, carefully wrap the leathers in vet wraps, tube socks, or shipping halter covers.

You can certainly move the horse forward in it to see how it works for you and your horse, however, we stress that a full refund can only be given if the saddle is absolutely clean and shows no sign of wear.

Just wipe it over with a cloth very lightly dampened with plain water to remove any barn dust or grime.

Please do not oil or use conditioner on this saddle if you are going to return it, as this will render it nonreturnable.

If the saddle does not fit you or your horse, notify us within seven days of receipt and we will send you a Return Authorization (RMA#).

Ship the saddle back to us in its original shipping packaging within five days of receiving your RMA#.

We stress that a full refund can ONLY be given if the saddle is absolutely clean, returned in its original packaging, and shows no sign of wear.

Charges and Fees:
The full purchase price of the saddle, plus shipping and handling charges, will be put on your Credit Card when we ship the saddle to you. The purchase price will be refunded if the saddle is returned to us in new condition, with no signs of wear. You are responsible for any shipping and handling charges. We suggest return ship with tracking and ensuring the saddle for purchase price.

Do you have a saddle question?
Please feel free to contact us.

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